Achieving success in the Senior Living industry today requires a steadfast commitment to Seniors' - not facilities.  

BMS is committed to creating safe and efficient facilities management solutions for our clients so that they can focus on the core of their business.  At BMS, we use our expertise in facilities management to anticipate the needs of our clients and align with the mission and goals of the facilities we manage.   BMS has the industry expertise to provide a wide range of solutions to a vast variety of facilities.  



Preventative Maintenance 

Surface Logic develops custom preventative maintenance programs for your facilities based on data, facilities expertise and a thorough understanding of the physical plant lifecycle.  

With timely allocation of capital and resources, Surface Logic is able to help you extend the useful life of your assets.  Proactive inspections and maintenance of equipment can alleviate premature asset replacement, as well as the need to pay premium wages for off-hour service providers and associate response to emergencies.